Watch GROW’s On-Demand Roundtable Discussion: Upcycling in the Food Industry

Jul 7, 2023

Upcycling in the food industry has various benefits in social, economic and environmental respects. The production of gelatin can set an example for other industries and startups to learn from because it is a traditionally upcycled product. What new startups could learn from the gelatin industry is, according to Richard van Lijssel, Chair of GME’s Sustainability Committee, that feed stocks for these new production processes should be fully utilized. “Resources that are used in new startup processes should be completely valorized. As such, even the by-products that come from those new start up processes, should be upcycled to close the circular loop.” he added. You can find out more about upcycling potential in the food industry in the recording of GROW’s virtual roundtable, including other industry experts, by listening to the recent roundtable on demand here.

Nitta Gelatin NA Inc. is proud to be a member of GROW, Gelatin Representatives of the World. GROW is a global working group dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of gelatin and collagen peptides with regard to safety, nutrition, health, and sustainability.