Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Gelatin

Invented almost a century ago, gelatin-based soft-capsules continue to be one of the most trusted delivery systems for modern-day pharmaceuticals.  Available in a variety of sources (marine, porcine or bovine), Nitta Gelatin’s soft-capsule gelatins are developed specifically for the stringent requirements and unique challenges of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.  Our DRG gelatin product line, available in bovine and porcine varieties, are proven to reduce cross-linking reactions, and increase the speed of disintegration upon ingestion.

As the popularity of gummy supplements continues to grow, Nitta Gelatin leads the way in providing cutting-edge gelatins, expertly formulated to reduce processing issues associated with high viscosity gummy formulations.  Our viscosity-controlled gelatins are available in a range of Bloom strengths, mesh sizes and sources, and work to reduce tailing, and increase processing yield for gummy supplement formulas.

Nitta Gelatin offers a wide range of products to support a variety of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formats – including hard and soft capsules, gummy supplements, micro-encapsulation, emulsification,  and tabletting. Contact us today to learn more about our portfolio of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical gelatins.