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Premium Collagen Peptide Ingredients

from Around the World

Nitta Gelatin is proud to offer collagen ingredients from both Wellnex and Vyse brands, to support a wide variety of applications, requirements, and price points.

Wellnex is our internationally recognized brand of premium collagen ingredients from Nitta-owned manufacturing locations throughout the globe. In 2016, we welcomed Chicago-based Vyse Gelatin to the Nitta family, and with it an additional 90 years’ experience in the collagen ingredient industry. Through Vyse Gelatin, Nitta has expanded its custom blending capabilities and enhanced its portfolio of high quality collagen ingredient offerings.

Our global collagen footprint includes sales, marketing, and research facilities across the USA, Japan, India, and China, offering unique regional insights paired with unmatched international collaborative capabilities. As part of the Nitta Gelatin Inc. group, Wellnex leverages over a century of expertise in the collagen ingredient market to support our customers around the world.

Strategically located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, our North American HQ includes teams of sales, marketing, regulatory, formulation, and nutrition experts, ready to support our customers in the Americas and Europe. This NC facility boasts a full scale food innovation lab, confection room, sample program, and pilot plant. From ideation to commercialization, Nitta is more than just an ingredient supplier. We’re your 360 degree collagen partner, from ideation to scale-up and commercialization.

Leaders in the Discovery of Collagen’s Bioactive Dipeptides “PO” and “OG”

Over a decade ago, Nitta Gelatin was the first collagen peptide supplier to successfully identify the bioactive dipeptides proline-hydroxyproline “PO,” and hydroxyproline-glycine “OG,” from within the collagen peptide molecule.

Bioavailability trials revealed PO and OG in high concentrations within the human bloodstream following oral consumption of Wellnex collagen peptides. Additional studies confirmed accumulation of these bioactive compounds in specific tissues, including the skin and cartilage, via radio labeling. Detection of PO in human urine following consumption indicates that these dipeptides are uniquely resistant to peptidases (enzymes that break down peptides into single amino acids) within the human body.

Building on this body of scientific knowledge, multiple human clinical trials have confirmed that Wellnex collagen peptides with higher levels of PO/OG elicit greater physiological benefits, when compared to standard collagen peptide ingredients, over the same dosage and duration.

Only Wellnex Replenwell® offers unique collagen ingredients with up to 30 times the PO/OG content of standard collagen peptides. Ultra high levels of bioactive dipeptides lead to smaller effective serving sizes, better cost-in-use, and greater versatility in product applications.

Award-Winning Collagen Peptides

Wellnex Collagen Peptide Ingredients

Not all collagen ingredients are created equal, and Wellnex is here to prove just that. As part of the Wellnex global brand, Nitta Gelatin introduced Replenwell® as its premier line of performance optimized, clinically proven, collagen peptide ingredients in 2020. Within its first year on the market, Replenwell™ was honored as NutraIngredients-USA’s 2021 Ingredient of the Year, and NutraIngredients-ASIA’s 2021 finalist for Ingredient of the Year. Click below to visit the Wellnex site to learn more about our collagen peptides, including the award-winning Replenwell lineup!