Press Release Regarding NGU Facility Closure

Feb 7, 2024

photo of Nitta Gelatin NA corporate office

After meticulous consideration and a comprehensive evaluation of our business operations, we regret to announce the closure of our Fayetteville, NC location due to financial constraints.

While this decision was not taken lightly, we want to emphasize that it is a targeted response to challenges faced by Nitta Gelatin USA, Inc. in this particular context. Importantly, this closure will not impact the overall health and future of our remaining locations. It is a strategic move aimed at ensuring the sustained strength and viability of our organization as a whole.

Despite our ongoing efforts to enhance production and operational efficiency, the challenging business environment persists, characterized by declining productivity and escalating energy and labor costs in the United States. The market’s intense competition and expected declines in the future product prices further contribute to the complexity of the situation.

In response to these challenges, we have carefully explored measures to address the North American market and revitalize our business. In the interest of improving the corporate value of the entire group, we have made the difficult decision to suspend production at Nitta Gelatin USA, Inc. As we navigate the closure of our Fayetteville, NC location, our commitment to our employees remains steadfast during this transition. We deeply appreciate each employee and are grateful for their hard work and dedication shown during their time here. To facilitate a smooth transition, we are offering comprehensive assistance and resources to our employees, ensuring a seamless process as we realign our focus and drive growth in the remainder of our North American operations.

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