Nitta’s Wellnex Collagen Peptides Set New Milestone in Sports Nutrition

by | Jun 2, 2022

It’s an exciting time for joint support product formulation, as the options for branded, clinically-substantiated ingredients increase by leaps and bounds. As the R&D toolbox grows, it’s more important than ever to deliver unique, science-based, highly effective products for active nutrition applications.

Nitta Gelatin North America’s Liz Clarke, CFS sat down with Natural Products Insider to shed some light on what sets Wellnex Replenwell collagen peptides apart from the competition in the sports nutrition ingredient market. Read the excerpt below, and be sure to download the full interview here.

“Our newest product in the Replenwell family, Collapep JB (“JB” alludes to “joint” and “bone”), was specifically developed to
support joint comfort and performance in healthy athletes with an effective dose of 5g/daily. This low dose, paired with high water solubility, heat stability, and pH tolerance makes Collapep JB a turn-key functional addition to trending applications including bars, shots, and edible gels.

Collapep JB is currently the only collagen peptide ingredient available in North America with targeted levels of dipeptides
PO and OG
 for joint support. Studies show that the bioactive components of Collapep JB act to suppress the activity of alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme which promotes the unwanted calcification of joints, meanwhile significantly increasing production of aggrecan, a lubricant for cartilage, in joint cells.

In addition to increased joint comfort for healthy athletes, ingestion of Collapep JB was found to suppress inflammatory markers 3-methylhistidine (biomarker for skeletal muscle protein breakdown) and interleukin-6 (inflammatory cytokine associated with joint discomfort), in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical study of healthy athletes. A follow-up human clinical trial is currently in progress to further investigate these findings.”