Nitta Talks Collagen’s Growing Demand in North America

by | Jan 31, 2022

Did you know that collagen now ranks 23rd on the list of 25 bestselling mainstream functional ingredients? Nitta Gelatin NA Inc. had the honor of speaking with Nutritional Outlook‘s Jennifer Grebow on collagen’s stellar rise in popularity, and what the future may hold for this bioactive powerhouse. “Per SPINS multioutlet channel tracking, powered by IRI, collagen ingredient sales in the U.S. mainstream supplements market grew a whopping 56% in the year ending October 31, 2021, reaching $241 million compared to $154 million a year ago.”

When clinical research, product optimization and market demand come together, it’s no surprise that more and more Americans are reaching for collagen peptides to support everyday health. Indeed, “With so many unknowns over the past two years, healthy daily rhythms can provide a sense of stability, familiarity, and comfort—not to mention tangible physiological benefits,” says Liz Clarke, CFS, technical marketing manager, Nitta Gelatin North America (Morrisville, NC). “While immunity superstars like vitamins C and D, zinc, and elderberry saw huge spikes in sales, we saw a milder, but similar pattern of use, with collagen-containing products during the same period of late 2020 to late 2021.”

Check out the the full article to learn more about collagen’s trajectory as a functional ingredient in the domestic functional food and nutraceutical marketplace.