Nitta Partners with Natural Products Insider for On-Demand Webinar Exploring Collagen Peptides for Joint Support

Jun 13, 2023

Now available free and on-demand! Discover how clinically supported ingredients from BioCell Technology, Nitta Gelatin, and Gencor support joint health and mobility for maintaining active and healthy lifestyles.

From younger athletes to aging Baby Boomers, consumers of all types are looking to joint health products to ensure flexibility and quality of life. With joint discomfort no longer the sole challenge or focus, formulators can choose from a wide range of substantiated ingredients to develop innovative joint health supplements. 

Join Natural Products Insider for an informative webinar as we explore several advancements in nutritional ingredients that promote joint health and mobility. In this session, we will shine a spotlight on key ingredients from BioCell, Nitta Gelatin and Gencor. These ingredients have been scientifically proven to support joint wellness and improve mobility.

Experts will delve into the science behind these clinically backed ingredients, sharing research findings that support efficacy. They will discuss the mechanisms of action, formulation considerations, and potential synergies to maximize the benefits for consumers. Whether you are a product developer, R&D professional or nutrition scientist, this webinar is designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical knowledge to enhance your joint wellness dietary supplement formulations.


  • Understand the unique properties and benefits of BioCell Collagen, Nitta Gelatin’s Replenwell collagen peptides, and Gencor’s Hydrocurc and Levagen for joint health.
  • Gain insights into the latest research supporting these ingredients and their impact on mobility.
  • Learn about formulation considerations and potential synergies to optimize joint support products.
  • Discover how to communicate on-package the benefits of these ingredients in compliance with DSHEA regulations.

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