Nitta Gelatin sponsors Nutritional Outlook’s live webcast “Pollution & Skincare”

Sep 28, 2021

Join Nitta Gelatin NA Inc. and Nutritional Outlook as we explore the latest scientific discoveries for beauty-from-within applications. Click here to mark your calendar for this free webinar Tuesday, September 28th!

Per Nutritional Outlook, “Cosmetics have acted as a barrier to negative environmental influences like UV rays for some time. Today, as urban centers struggle with poor air quality, and smoke from wildfires blankets large swaths of land, consumers have begun adding anti-pollution measures to their skincare routines. With nutricosmetics, dietary supplement manufacturers are offering an alternative, if not complementary, approach to protecting skin from pollution. But what is the science behind anti-pollution nutricosmetic products, and how are anti-pollution claims regulated?

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn which ingredients show promise in this burgeoning category
  • Understand the scientific evidence supporting the use of nutricosmetics to protect skin from pollution
  • Learn regulatory best practices of marketing anti-pollution nutricosmetics

Who Should Attend:

  • General Management
  • Product Development
  • Marketing / Creative
  • R&D
  • Regulatory”