Company Information

For over 100 years, Nitta Gelatin has thrived as a trusted leader in gelatin and collagen peptide products. 

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Since its establishment in 1979, Nitta Gelatin NA has been providing the highest quality food, pharmaceutical & technical gelatins to the North American market.  As part of the Nitta Gelatin, Inc. group, we specialize in the production of bovine, porcine and fish gelatins, as well as collagen peptides for use in a variety of applications ranging from food, nutritional, pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical & technical.  Utilizing our technical expertise and almost a century of know-how, we provide our customers with innovative ideas, excellent technical service, and high-quality products.

In 2006, Nitta Gelatin opened the doors to its state-of-the-art gelatin and collagen peptide production facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina.             This expansive plant measures 44,400 sq. ft., and produces pharmaceutical and food grade gelatin for domestic and international markets.

In 2016, we continued to expand our product portfolio and capabilities with the inclusion of the Vyse Gelatin, LLC to the Nitta Gelatin, Inc. family.  Based out of Chicago, Vyse Gelatin, LLC joins us with over 90 years of experience in the gelatin and collagen peptide industry, along with blending technologies to meet even the most unique customer specifications.

With production sites throughout the US, Canada, India and Japan, Nitta Gelatin offers a wide variety of products to fit your specific needs.  Featuring both Kosher and Halal options, a variety of product sources and characteristics, we can help you select the very best gelatin or collagen peptide product for your unique application.

Our Applications Center, located near Raleigh, North Carolina, houses a full-scale R&D lab, confection room, pilot-plant and full-time team of Food Scientists waiting to partner with you on your product development journey.

Our Quality Laboratories are fully equipped with all that is required to perform gelatin testing according to G.M.I.A. (Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America) procedures. In partnership with our outside independent laboratories, we certify that our gelatin meets the highest standards of purity and meets or exceeds U.S.P / N.F. specifications.