Don’t Miss the GROW Clean Label Roundtable Dec. 7th

by | Nov 29, 2021

GROW, the Gelatin Representatives of the World, is holding a virtual roundtable event live on LinkedIn on December 7, 4 p.m. CET, at which experts from all over the world will discuss clean label, consumer demands and food trends and their effect on the gelatin industry.

“Clean Label Insights: How Does Gelatin in Foods Meet Consumer Demands?”
Meeting consumer demands for clean labels in the food industry is becoming more and more important, but the exact definition of what constitutes a “clean” label remains unclear. The key elements of a clean label seem to be the consumers’ desire for simpler products with a transparent and short ingredient list they understand. At the same time plant-based meat and dairy alternatives are rising in popularity, but it remains unclear whether they can fully match consumers’ expectations in clean label terms. How can natural food products like gelatin or dairy take the lead and meet these demands?

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The roundtable brings together food product developers, trend and research experts to discuss the current challenges and opportunities that the gelatin and food industries faces, moderated by Stefan Gates.

Nesha Zalesny (technical consultant at IMR International)
Kinga Adamaszwili (Senior Nutrition, Health & Food Law Officer at the European Dairy Association (EDA))
Julian Mellentin (Director and Food Business Expert at New Nutrition)
Lu Ann Williams (Global Insights Director at Innova Market Insights)
Lara Niemann (GROW representative, Marketing Director at Gelita)
Paul Stevens (GROW representative, Director Special Projects at Rousselot)