From marshmallows to matches, automotive research to biomedical science, gelatin plays an intrinsic role in the innovations that touch our lives everyday.
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Food & Beverage

A Gelatin Ingredient for Every Application

Leveraging our global manufacturing capabilities, Nitta Gelatin North America, together with Vyse Gelatin, offers an expansive portfolio of gelatin and collagen ingredients to meet the nutritional, regulatory, and third-party certification requirements for your brand’s unique formulations.

Our R&D Center is here to empower your brand to innovate, not imitate, for trendsetting applications within the food, beverage, or pharmaceutical markets.

Keep reading to learn how our ingredients can add value to your finished products.

Texturizing the Foods we Know
and Love

Most people know that gelatin is an important component in confections such as marshmallows, gummy candy and fruit snacks. But did you know that the dairy industry makes extensive use of gelatin in the manufacture of sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, cheese and specialty desserts? While meat processors depend on the binding properties of gelatin for the production of specialty meats, pates, and luncheon meats. Gelatin is naturally high in protein, fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low in calories – making it a label-friendly ingredient that consumers know and trust.

Thickening and Clarifying Popular Beverages

For beverages, gelatin is often used as either a clarifying aid or a thickener. Gelatin possesses unique qualities which help to remove haze-causing precipitates from wine, fruit juices, and beer, where clarity is a key quality attribute. Here, the gelatin is used as a processing aid, and does not remain in the finished product. As a thickener, gelatin can be used at low usage levels in dry or ready-to-drink beverages. These types of beverages are particularly suitable for populations that have difficulty swallowing thinner beverages.

Application Support for Food & Beverage Development

Not sure which Nitta or Vyse gelatin ingredient is right for your food or drink application? Call Nitta Gelatin North America today at (919) 238-3300 or toll-free at 1-888-NITTA US, to speak with an Application Scientist who can point you in the right direction, and assist with product formulation. Do you have an existing specification that you need matched? Contact us through our website inquiry form. We’re here to help with custom blending and raw material sourcing to meet your specific needs.


Preserving and Extending the Lives of Active Ingredients

In the field of pharmaceuticals, gelatin is never “one-size-fits-all.” Because of this, we offer a variety of pharmaceutical-grade gelatins for the industry due to its unique film-forming capabilities and unique thermoreversible properties. Gelatin is a key ingredient in the production of both soft and hard-shell gelatin capsules. It may also be used as a binder in tablet formulations, and as a coating to ease swallowing or mask unpleasant tastes. Gelatin is also well suited for encapsulation of bath oils, manufacture of suppositories, and in topical lotions and creams, making it an important contributor to how we look and feel every day.

We are excited to offer new CapsiGuard™ DRG pharmaceutical grade gelatins, specifically designed for superior soft-gel dissolution. These highly specialized products are available from bovine or porcine sources, and work to inhibit cross-linking, and encourage rapid dissolution upon ingestion. Call us today to learn more about these new offerings, and how CapsiGuard™ DRG can extend the shelf life of your soft capsules!

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Biomedical & Research Treatments

Exceeding Safety and Quality Specifications

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The past decade has seen major advancements in the field of biomedical research and innovations, specifically with respect to stem-cell research, regenerative medicine, and transplantation. In response, cell therapy and gene therapy products are evolving at a corresponding pace. Nitta’s beMatrix® low endotoxin gelatin and collagen products are specifically designed to meet the most stringent safety and quality specifications required for emerging biomedical applications.

New techniques to combine cells with low endotoxin gelatin or collagen are leading the way in biomedical research and development. Recently, beMatrix® Collagen AP was chosen as the material for a retinal pigment epithelial sheet in the first human clinical study based on iPS cells. In the field of regenerative medicine, beMatrix® gelatin was successfully used as the scaffolding material for the in-growth of new bone for osteoconductive implants. Nitta also offers beMatrix® sterilized gelatin solution and collagen solution, which are well-suited to three-dimensional cell culture for biomedical research.