Technical Gelatins for Specialized Materials

Gelatin for Photosensitive Materials

The first account of gelatin’s use in the photography industry appeared in the September 1871 edition of the British Journal of Photography.? In the article, Dr. Richard Leach Maddox suggested that the sensitizing chemicals could be coated on a glass plate in a gelatin rather than a collodion emulsion.? The use of gelatin simplified the process, yielding superior results compared to the previous method.? Since then, gelatin has been heavily relied upon in the production of film and photosensitive papers.? In addition, Nitta gelatin may be used in microfilm and X-ray applications, as well as emerging specialty imaging technologies.

Gelatin for Automobile Safety Research

One of the most unique applications of gelatin is its use in the field of automobile safety research. Because of gelatin’s unique functional properties, it has been successfully used as a surrogate for living tissue for decades – allowing researchers to better understand, and prevent, impact-related injuries.