Biomedical Research & Treatments

The past decade has seen major advances in the biomedical field, specifically in stem-cell research, regenerative medicine and transplantation.? In response, cell therapy and gene therapy products are evolving at a corresponding pace.? Nitta’s beMatrix? low endotoxin gelatin and collagen are specifically designed to meet the most stringent safety and quality specifications required for emerging biomedical applications.? In addition to setting the industry gold-standard for low endotoxin levels,?beMatrix? and cellMatrix? gelatin and collagen are also sterilized using a proprietary method for the control of bacteria and viruses.

New techniques to combine cells with low endotoxin gelatin or collagen are leading the way in biomedical research and development. Recently, beMatrix? collagen AP was chosen as the material for a retnal pigment epithelial sheet in the first human clinical study based on iPS cells.? In the field of regenerative medicine,?beMatrix? gelatin was successfully used as the scaffolding material for the in-growth of new bone for osteoconductive implants.? Nitta also offers beMatrix? sterilized gelatin solution and collagen solution, which are well-suited to three-dimensional cell culture for biomedical research.


In pharmaceuticals, gelatin is never “one-size-fits-all.”? Because of this, Nitta offers a variety of pharmaceutical-grade gelatins for the industry. Gelatin is a key ingredient in the production of both soft and hard-shell gelatin capsules. It may also be used as a binder in tablet formulations, and as a coating to ease swallowing or mask unpleasant tastes.? Gelatin is also well suited for encapsulation of bath oils, manufacture of suppositories, and in topical lotions and creams, making it an important contributor to how we look and feel every day.

We are excited to offer new pharmaceutical-grade products specifically designed for superior soft-gel dissolution.? These highly specialized gelatins are available from bovine or porcine sources, and work to inhibit cross-linking, and encourage rapid dissolution upon ingestion.? Call us today to learn more about these new offerings.