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Why Nitta Gelatin

Over a Century of Expertise

Nitta Gelatin celebrates over 100 years as a trusted producer of gelatin and collagen ingredients for the food, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical markets. Founded in Osaka, Japan, Nitta gelatin has grown into a global supplier, with 15 facilities across 6 countries.

By continually developing new ways to make the most of nature’s gifts, Nitta Gelatin consistently plays the role of industry leader, supplying the highest quality gelatin and collagen peptide products to our customers. In keeping with our pioneering spirit, Nitta Gelatin continually strives to develop new products, functions, and applications for the future.


beMatrix® Biomedical Products

Controlled for exceptionally low endotoxin levels and enhanced purity, beMatrix® gelatin is ideal for biomedical applications including cell sheet transportation, cell transplantation, bone void fillers, and more.

Technical Expertise & Application Support

From front-end innovation to commercialization, our in-house R&D team is ready to partner with you. Contact us today to learn more about application support for our ingredients.

XactSet® Gelatin for Better Bears

Rapid-set gelatin designed for use with complex formulations and starchless gummy manufacturing. Cut set-time from hours to minutes with XactSet® gelatin.

CapsiGuard™ DRG Gelatin

Extend shelf-life and ensure complete dissolution upon ingestion with CapsiGuard DRG gelatin for soft capsules.


Food & Beverage

Adding jiggle for generations, our gelatins are the clean label solution for thickening, gelling, or aerating a variety of food and drink recipes.


Extend shelf-life and ensure complete dissolution upon ingestion with CapsiGuard DRG gelatin for soft capsules.


Exceptionally high biocompatibility, viral inactivation, and endotoxin reduction, yielding collagen and gelatin products for the biomedical marketplace.

What’s New at Nitta?

Join Us at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva

Join Us at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva

Don't miss the nutraceutical event of the year! For a quarter of a century, Vitafoods Europe has been the premier event for natural products professionals to connect, innovate, and create, on a global scale. Nitta Gelatin NA Inc. will be showcasing new...