Introducing DRG Pharmaceutical Gelatin – Reduced Crosslinkages for Superior Soft Capsules

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 9, 2018 – Nitta Gelatin announces the launch of a new pharmaceutical gelatin, DRG Gelatin, designed specifically to inhibit cross-linkage reactions, and improve dissolution in soft capsule applications.  This clean label product is created without additives or chemical modification, and delivers the same gel strength as traditional gelatin, while offering improved soft capsule quality over shelf-life.

Soft capsule technology works to contain and protect the active ingredients in a variety of pharmaceuticals, OTC medications, and dietary supplements.  Rapid solubility following ingestion is imperative for successful soft capsule applications.  Cross-linkage reactions act to inhibit solubility, thereby reducing the efficacy of the drug or supplement contained within.  Specific manufacturing processes and ingredient are known to encourage cross-linkages, creating dissolution and shelf-life issues in certain products, including those with high aldehyde, caramel color, or fish oil content.  Scientifically proven to reduce cross-linkages, and improve dissolution, our DRG gelatin is available in both porcine and bovine source materials.

Specialty Gelatins for Soft Capsules