Nitta Shares New Study for Effects of Wellnex Collagen Peptides on Blood Sugar Metabolism

July 07, 2020 – A recent double-blind, randomized, active-controlled human study, published in the Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism, investigates the effects of 5g daily Wellnex collagen peptides on fasting blood glucose, HbA1c levels, and insulin sensitivity, over a 90 day study period, in conjunction with standard therapy. These exciting findings demonstrate the potential role of Wellnex collagen peptides as an add-on nutritional supplement for the support of healthy blood sugar metabolism. Read the full scientific study here.

Standing Strong. Staying Safe

Aligned with our core value of “Connect and Create,” Nitta Gelatin North America places the safety and well-being of our teammates, vendors and customers above all else. In light of recent events associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Nitta Gelatin would like to take the opportunity to provide an update in the ways we are keeping our supply chain strong, and our communities safe.

As one of the many essential suppliers operating during this national emergency, Nitta Gelatin is dedicated to continuously providing the highest quality gelatin and collagen products to the food, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. We take this situation very seriously and have been working to implement business continuity plans and precautionary measures to support our global manufacturing teams. Enhanced sanitation procedures and social distancing protocols have been adopted in accordance with the most recent CDC recommendations, and we continue to actively seek out new ways to reduce viral transmission and support our staff.  

Founded during the notorious Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918, Nitta Gelatin is no stranger to challenging times. Over 100 years later, we remain dedicated to the health and safety of our communities and the strength of our global supply chain.

Nitta Gelatin, Proud Sponsor of TERMIS-AM Conference

TERMIS-AM Annual Conference & Exhibition, a world-leading interactive community in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, will be held this December 2-5 in Orlando, Florida at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Universal Orlando™. As a proud sponsor, Nitta Gelatin will be showcasing recent advances in its beMatrix™ line of biomedical gelatin. Stop by booth #209 to learn more about our product offerings!

Wellnex to Add Wild-Caught Marine Collagen Peptides to Portfolio

The health benefits of fish collagen peptides are well-established, with an ever-growing body of clinical studies confirming their safety and efficacy for skin and joint support. Nitta Gelatin is excited to announce the addition of wild-caught marine collagen peptides to their Wellnex fish collagen product portfolio in late 2019. Call or email us today for more details on our new wild-caught, cold-water marine product lineup!

Nitta Gelatin NA featured in Food&Drink International’s June Issue

Nitta Gelatin NA is proud to highlight new product lines including XactSet gelatin, gelatin designed for starchless gummy manufacturing, in the latest issue of Food&Drink International digital and print editions. Read more here

New Clinical Study Links Collagen Peptides to Cardiovascular Health

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January, 2019, Toon, Japan – Nitta Gelatin, in a collaboration with Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine, published findings from a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical study investigating the effect of porcine collagen peptide supplementation on cardiovascular health in older individuals. This promising study found that daily supplementation with porcine collagen peptides (2.5g/daily for 12 weeks) resulted in a significant reduction in baPWV (brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity), a well-known predictor of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Click here to read the full article. Supplementation with collagen peptides, a natural protein source derived from collagen, has previously been linked to the maintenance of healthy skin, bones and joints.

Nitta Gelatin Featured in Nutraceuticals World Magazine’s “The Beauty of Collagen”

September 2018- Nitta Gelatin’s Wellnex brand of collagen peptides are clinically proven to improve skin’s tone and texture, leading to a more youthful, rested appearance. Nutraceuticals World Magazine investigates what makes collagen so appealing to the “beauty from within” market in the September, 2108 article The Beauty of Collagen.  “As more consumers recognize the link between proper nutrition and good health, including appearance of hair, skin, and nails, collagen has gained popularity as an ideal beauty and healthy aging ingredient with versatile range for product development.
More than half of consumers worldwide perceive collagen as a beauty-enhancing ingredient, according to data and analytics company GlobalData. The growing popularity of collagen-fortified food/beverages is driven in part by the positive perception of the ingredient among consumers around the world. While animal-sourced collagen in beauty products goes against the current growth trend of plant-based alternatives, widespread use of collagen is likely to continue, the company said.
Knowledge & Need
While consumers in Asia have understood the concept of beauty from within for many years, Americans have been slower to catch on, according to Suhail Ishaq, president, BioCell Technology, LLC. “But now we see the market growing rapidly. At BioCell we have seen an increase in BioCell Collagen inquiries as well as an increased number of new products in the marketplace. Consumers are looking for collagen ingredients that have clinical support, so they know what benefit to expect and when.”
An abundance of research and overall knowledge around collagen are helping drive growth in the U.S., according to Katie Stevenson, business development manager, Nitta Gelatin North America. “Consumers are more knowledgeable about collagen and the benefits related to it—including bone and joint health, beauty from within, and dietary protein supplementation.”
Nutritional needs change over time as part of the natural aging process, she added. “Changes in collagen levels within the body drop dramatically throughout our lifespan, with studies suggesting that overall collagen begins to decline as early as our 20’s. The benefits of adding collagen into our diets has shown great benefit, for both functional health effects, and as a dietary protein source.”
Health-conscious individuals are the primary drivers of growth in collagen products, according to Amanda Orloske, senior director of marketing and international sales, Biova. “Collagen production drops off as we age and although we may have had plenty in our 20’s to keep our joints supple and our skin smooth, as we move into our 40’s and beyond we begin to see the need for supplementation to augment that natural decline…”

Collagen Peptides highlighted in “Foods for Bone and Joint Health” by Prepared Foods Magazine

Decorative photo of woman doing yoga pose. Wellnex collagen is a proven ingredient to support healthy joint function.

May 2018 – Collagen peptides were highlighted in Prepared Foods Magazine’s recent article entitled “Functional Foods for Bone and Joint Health” – “Tendons, cartilage, and ligaments are made up of collagen, a structural protein that accounts for between a quarter and a third of all the protein in the body. While humans are adept at building these tissues from dietary protein of all sources, adding collagen peptides to formulations has been shown to help build and maintain these vital tissues. In a 2015 overview of the science published in the journal Nutrición Hospitalaria, the authors concluded that collagen hydrolysate—collagen peptides or gelatin—can help to “reduce and prevent joint pain, bone density loss, and skin aging.” The authors also noted that the results of the study indicate that the high level of tolerance and safety make collagen hydrolysate ingestion attractive for long-term use in combatting bone and joint degenerative diseases and in the fight against skin aging.” Click here to read the full article.

Introducing DRG Pharmaceutical Gelatin – Reduced Crosslinkages for Superior Soft Capsules

Square decorative logo for DRG gelatin highlighting advantages

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 9, 2018 – Nitta Gelatin announces the launch of a new pharmaceutical gelatin, DRG Gelatin, designed specifically to inhibit cross-linkage reactions, and improve dissolution in soft capsule applications.  This clean label product is created without additives or chemical modification, and delivers the same gel strength as traditional gelatin, while offering improved soft capsule quality over shelf-life.

Soft capsule technology works to contain and protect the active ingredients in a variety of pharmaceuticals, OTC medications, and dietary supplements.  Rapid solubility following ingestion is imperative for successful soft capsule applications.  Cross-linkage reactions act to inhibit solubility, thereby reducing the efficacy of the drug or supplement contained within.  Specific manufacturing processes and ingredient are known to encourage cross-linkages, creating dissolution and shelf-life issues in certain products, including those with high aldehyde, caramel color, or fish oil content.  Scientifically proven to reduce cross-linkages, and improve dissolution, our DRG gelatin is available in both porcine and bovine source materials.

Specialty Gelatins for Soft Capsules

Nitta Gelatin beMatrix™ Biomedical Grade Gelatin Showcased in Nature Magazine

Decorative image and text reading "unlocking the potential of beMatrix gelatin and collagen.

December, 2017–A conversation with YOSUKE HIRAOKA, principal research scientist at Nitta Gelatin Inc, Japan.


What impact are medical advances having on the development of biomaterials?

During the past decade there have been major advances in stem cell research, regenerative medicine and transplantation. Cell therapy and gene therapy products are evolving at a corresponding pace. New techniques to combine cells with gelatin or collagen are emerging and are already making these new treatment methods more effective. We recognize that safety is a top priority, particularly at the raw material stage, because it’s difficult to remove endotoxins or conduct further purification after the biomaterials have been combined. We developed a unique method to reduce endotoxin levels. Our product called beMatrix™ low endotoxin gelatin is of very high quality and has less than 10 endotoxin units (EU) per gram. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guideline regulates endotoxin levels at no more than 20 EU per medical device, so this is a remarkable achievement


Can you tell us more about the development of beMatrix™?

beMatrix™ was made possible through Nitta Gelatin’s investment in a state-of-the-art clean room facility in 2009 and produced this specific product in response to requests from customers. Planning clinical trials was the next step and therefore reducing endotoxin levels was critical for this type of research because this system is being introduced into the human body in clinical applications.As we knew that dry heat sterilization, autoclaving and filtration methods could not be applied to gelatin and collagen, we developed a new method for endotoxin reduction. Since its development, beMatrix™ has been used by researchers and companies around the world. First, researchers use our materials in animal studies, and get good results. Next they want to use it in clinical studies, and request from us products that are safe for this purpose. We come up with what they need for their clinical study, and after it’s done, they produce papers. Other researchers read those papers and also want to directly benefit from our products. This is the story of how we developed and released beMatrix products. Some of the researchers who contact us are with companies who develop medical devices, biologics and regenerative products, all of which utilize our materials.

What are Nitta Gelatin’s key areas of business?

Our main products are collagen, gelatin, and hydrolysed gelatin. Our key technologies are endotoxin and virus reduction. Collagens are a large family of proteins found within the extracellular matrix (ECM), an important constituent of many of the tissues in the human body and in other vertebrates. Gelatin is a heat-denatured product of collagen, and hydrolysed gelatin (also known as collagen peptide) can be made via enzymatic hydrolysis. Collagens, gelatins and collagen peptides have distinctive characteristics. For example, collagen has a triple helix structure and is an excellent biocompatible material. We supply medical device manufacturers, universities and research institutes with a wide range of collagen products for artificial skin and bone, as well as other regenerative medicine applications. Gelatin is known for its water-binding, film-forming and adhesive properties, and is used in many applications ranging from food and pharmaceuticals to photosensitised materials. Collagen peptides are increasingly being used in dietary supplements and health foods, as they can help regulate bodily functions and improve skin, bone and joint health.

What sets Nitta Gelatin apart from other collagen and gelatin makers?

Recently there has been a surge in demand for the biomaterials for medical use and we are well positioned to respond to this demand. We provide collagen and gelatin biomaterials that are not only of exceptionally high quality but also control the level of endotoxins, viruses and bacteria. In addition, our collagen and gelatin products are valuable for many other healthcare applications due to their absorbent, protective and conformable properties. They are also suitable for sol-gel transition, meaning that they can be made into either a liquid or gel by adjusting the temperature and pH. We offer a unique range of products such as beMatrix™, sterilised gelatin solution and collagen solution for three-dimensional culture, to name a few.

What other innovations are in the pipeline?

Innovations arise as a consequence of combining our products with the user’s ideas. Our goal is to contribute to global health by combining our materials with various technologies and needs of companies and researchers. We have recently developed new types of gelatin that have a gelling temperature that is significantly higher than that of conventional gelatin. In 1918, Nitta Gelatin began producing gelatin and animal glues. In 2018, as the company celebrates its centenary, we intend to keep evolving as we believe the potential of collagen and gelatin is infinite.